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Air Conditioning Installation near Mitcham North

Air Fusion are your local heating & cooling specialists, we offer our professional airconditioning installation throughout Mitcham North and surrounding regions.

Air Fusion provides a complete turnkey solution which is one our unique points of difference. Not only do we sell all the leading brands we also install and service them. We employ fully qualified professional and experienced tradespeople. All have their trade tickets certifications and appropriate insurances so the customer does not need to worry about installation of their equipment.

We ensure the unit is correctly positioned to ensure maximum results and minimum disruption to the building, room or garden area where the unit is placed inside and out. Air Fusion controls all aspects of the installation from start to finish. All our workmanship is fully guaranteed and the property is left clean and tidy.

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Mitcham North Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning systems installation in Mitcham North

Importance of regular servicing

Mitcham North Air Conditioning InstallationWe recommend a regular service be performed at least once a year on your heating and cooling equipment. For commercial and office installations naturally this will depend on each situation and may mean monthly, quarterly and or as legally required. For all domestic homes heating units for example need to looked at for CO2 output every 2 years, and if the property is rented yearly by law. For cooling like evaporative units we recommend well before the summer season to ensure the pads are cleaned, all the moving parts all work, there is no old stagnant water in the system etc.

For air conditioner’s they should be looked at twice yearly with a minimum of once per year. The filters need to be cleaned, the waste cleared and cleaned and the outdoor unit inspected to ensure the fan is clear of rubbish, leaves, water and anything that could impact the safe and optimal running of the system. We attended a service call recently and to our dismay found this in the outside unit. Obviously this unit had not be regularly maintained and if it had this would have been picked up.

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