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Air Fusion are your local air conditioning specialists, we offer customers in Bellfield and surrounding regions state of the art technology and a wide range of air conditioning products available in Australia.

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your house or commercial application is a critical decision. There are a ton of factors that need to be considered such as, the volume of the room to be cooled, the ceiling heights, windows north facing and most importantly your specific needs.

Once the system has been measured correctly and installed it will provide your home with the perfect ambient temperature.

No two installations are the same and Air Fusion will provide a system that’s specific to your needs and budget by using our WRAPS program and linking this to one of the leading brands we support and stock. This thorough evaluation will help our staff design the cheapest way to stay cool during summer, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Air Conditioning Bellfield

Inverter Technology

There are 2 types of air conditioning units, conventional units which operate the compressor at one constant speed switching on an off depending on the temperature setting. This is referred to as stop start principle.

Inverter technology which most of the leading brands now use in their units allows the rotating speed of the compressor to move up or down depending on the required output of the unit and therefore never switches off completely. This can save up to 30-50% of your energy consumption by installing a unit with an inverter. These units also reach the desired temperature quicker and maintain it with minimal fluctuations.

Another key aspect of any inverter is its ability to operate when the temperature soars as high as 46 C cooling or fall as low minus 15 C heating. A quick check of the manufacturer’s specs will tell you the max and min operating temperature ranges.

Split Systems

Split system reverse cycle air conditioners have an outdoor condenser connected to an indoor unit that disburses the air in the zone it is positioned in. Connecting the two units is refrigerant pipe / electrical cabling and condensate drain. Outdoor units depending on the size of the condenser can be compact, quiet and depending on the model, can be located anywhere from 15m to 100m of the indoor unit thus allowing to make them almost invisible.Bellfield Air ConditionerThe split system reverse cycle air conditioner is one of the most versatile, clean, quiet and economical forms of air conditioning available. The indoor unit style can vary, either mounted on the wall / floor / within the ceiling [ducted], under ceiling mounted [cassette]. Each unit comes with its own electronic controls which you can set and forget. Split systems are ideal for those wanting to air condition one room, the whole home or zone the home to maximize efficiency.

Wall Mounted Splits

Wall mounted units are designed to cool the room they are installed within. Coming in many differing styles and designs, they are an economical form of maintaining comfort within a zone. All wall mounted units offer a range of air filters, both capturing dust and also removing odors / allergens and other harmful air borne bacteria. Maintenance of an air-conditioner is required depending on the amount of use. Cleaning the filters should become a monthly habit to ensure the efficiency is not effected and ensure your 5 year manufactures warranty.

Ranging in capacity from 2kw through to 10kw, allowing the smallest bedroom to the largest living areas to be comfortable. The latest Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK92ZMA-S model was Choice Magazine [May 2014] recommended as the most efficient model on the market.

Air conditioning Bellfield

Multi Split Systems

Multi split systems are a great option where there is limited space around the property to place a number of units or there is no room for duct work for a ducted air conditioning system and like the standard split system works well for cooling.

A Multi System consists of one outdoor unit connected to a number of indoor units strategically placed in the planned zones. A multi-split system allows individual control of the air conditioning in each zone however each indoor unit must be set in the same mode.

The units are all wired and connected the same as a single split system but just with a few more indoor units connected.

Ducted System

A reverse cycle ducted system works on similar principles to the Multi Split, we have a condenser outside the home or commercial property linked to an indoor unit that sits in the roof, under a ceiling or under the floor sending air that has been cooled connected via flexible duct work to designated zones in the property. Ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones so they can be cooled at different times of the day. This means that the air conditioning system can be operated in the living areas during the day and in the bedrooms at night, saving money on energy costs.

Many styles of ceiling or wall registers are available to create the indoor look that you are after.Air conditioning services near Bellfield

Cassette System

A ceiling cassette can be positioned central to the room, directing the air evenly to all corners of the room. The fascia panel has the return air grille in the middle for ease of maintenance and service. Cassette indoors come in two styles, compact [600mm2] or standard [900mm2]. The visible fascia is exposed with the main body of the indoor located within the roof space above. Ranging in size for 2.5kw through to 14kw. Operation controls of these systems can be infra-red or hard wired.

Cassette System Bellfield

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