Heating in Eltham.

The heating of one’s home, office or commercial property is no different to cooling it. You need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. The use of modern technically advanced reverse cycle air conditioners or high efficient rated gas heating units will not only allow you to keep warm but will also save you an arm and a leg.

Air Fusion has a range of reverse cycle air conditioners and gas fired systems for all size projects as well as top quality branded heating units as standalone or ducted solutions. Most leading reverse cycle heating brands utilise inverter technology, which allows the rotating speed of the compressor to move up or down depending on the required output of the unit. Therefore the unit never switches off completely. This can save up to 30-50% of your energy consumption. These units also reach the desired temperature quicker and maintain it without fluctuations.

Another key aspect of any reverse cycle inverter is its ability to operate when the temperature falls as low as 15 C. A quick check of the manufacturer’s specs will tell you the max and min operating temperature ranges.

Standalone natural GAS or LPG heating units have over the years improved their energy efficiency levels and provide a very attractive option and as a fit for purpose solution where a reverse cycle may not be the best option.