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Air Fusion is your local heating & cooling specialist, we offer the latest solutions and technology for ducted airconditioning and professional installation throughout Eltham North and surrounding regions.

It can be difficult choosing the right cooling system for your specific circumstances. You need to consider factors such as the size of the property, the height of the ceiling and other relevant factors.

Having a professional assess the above factors can be the difference between choosing the right system and choosing a system that is inadequate for your cooling needs.

No two installations are alike and Air Fusion will design a system specific to your needs and budget by using our WRAPS program and linking this to one of our leading brands we support and stock. This thorough evaluation will help our staff design the most cost-effective way to stay cool during summer, while never forgetting your individual living habits.

Ducted cooling Eltham North


Ducted Cooling Eltham North A reverse cycle ducted system works on similar principles to the Multi Split, we have a condenser outside the home or commercial property linked to an indoor unit that sits on the roof, under a ceiling or under the floor sending air that has been heated or cooled connected via flexible ductwork to designated zones in the property. Ducted systems are flexible and can be made to operate in two or more zones within your household to provide cooling and heating as needed. This means that the air conditioning system can be operated in the living areas during the day and in the bedrooms at night, saving money on energy costs.

Many styles of ceiling or wall registers are available to create the indoor look that you are after.

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